Stand-up tips

Apart from the stand , there are now a few tips for a good daily meeting. 1. Prepare well On an individual level, it is important to be a daily stand-up and know what you are going to say. It keeps the team’s energy high and everyone involved. Before you enter the standup it…

The Agile work process

Agile working has become enormously popular in a short time. At 80 percent of the larger companies and organizations, IT projects are now being tackled with an Agile method. The Scrum framework is by far the most used as an Agile approach. 

Tip for Scrum teams

A daily SCRUM checklist for the starting Scrum master is not a luxury. The experienced Scrum master can facilitate more than one team at a time. But if our organization is subject to transformation and is not yet sufficiently mature in Agile terms, each team must have its own Scrum master.

Tasks of a Scrum Master

HR managers often ask the following questions when it comes to the implementation of Scrum: Why should the roles of Scrum Master and Project Manager be fulfilled by different people? Can a programmer add the duties of a Scrum Master for a team of 10 full-timers if he has had…